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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Mike Leach with a helmet decal in today's Bahamas Bowl, sporting a mash-up of the MAC logo and the pirate flag sporting his name and #FlyTheFlag. This will likely be one of many tributes to Leach, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 61, as college football continues to celebrate the life of one of the sport's true pioneers.

From now on, we will only do 8 teams, it might make it better or worse, we'll see. All the CFP teams have clinched a spot in the first bracket. You guys will say in the comments who you think should be the other 4. I will make a bracket on Google slides, with the logos, similar to go_cuse_benlaub's. Rules for entering bracket:

  1. If you lost first round the previous bracket, you are not eligible to play in the next one

  2. if you made the championship, whether you won or lost, you clinch a spot in the next bracket

  3. if you lost final four, you may or may not be in the next bracket, depending on if people in the comments vote you in

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